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Cosmetic dentistry is a little bit different from conventional dentistry. Usually, conventional dentistry mainly focuses on oral hygiene, diagnosing and treating oral diseases. But whereas, cosmetic dentistry themes on enhancing the complete appearance of the teeth, mouth, and smile. In simple terms, conventional dentistry involves restoring both general and family dental practices that cause dental problems which may later need proper treatment. However, cosmetic dentistry offers desired oral treatments and services.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments might even offer advantages that are related to restorative. For instance, since ages ago to now, dental fillings are the common practice that is utilized in treating decayed teeth. Earlier, most of the dental fillings work comprised of different metals which left obvious dark spots on the teeth. But now, dental fillings, to a certain extent, are considered to be cosmetic since people can choose feelings that are made of porcelain or other metals which are a close match to the natural color of our teeth. Hence, this procedure covers the fault in your teeth and improves the complete appearance of your teeth and smile. Some people also get their older fillings replaced with newer one, just to improve their appearance.

What are the latest trends that are evolving in cosmetic dentistry?

More than ever, dentists are now utilizing more safe procedures to save as much as your natural tooth structure as possible and of course, that depends on the particular clinical scenario. However, dentists are also now using laser technology for some procedures in their own offices.

Treatment options in cosmetic dentistry

The below are the some of the common treatment options in cosmetic dentistry.

Composite bonding

Dentists treat discolored, broken, or decayed teeth or even who like to improve their mouth appearance utilizing a procedure known as composite bonding. This procedure involves a dental composite material that pretty much looks an enamel and dentin will be put inside the tooth or wherever required and then it is shaped using a high-intensity light. This results in an invisibly applied material which will protect the tooth for the rest of your life.

Dental veneers

When people have severely discolored teeth or even a worn appearance, then the dentist uses composite or porcelain which is cohesively blended onto the tooth in order to correct cracks or repair chips.


These are otherwise called as indirect fillings. Made from either composite materials or porcelain, these onlays and inlays offer a long-term effect and are an excellent way to provide filling to the teeth that are decayed or have any structural damage.

Teeth whitening

This is one of the most common and recommended procedures by dentists across the globe for people who have stained teeth that caused from smoking, drinking, or any other bad oral hygiene.

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