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Dental crowns and tooth bridges are fixed prosthetic devices. Usually, people can easily take out and clean the removable devices such as dentures but dental crowns and tooth bridges cannot be removed easily as they are cemented onto the tooth implants. They can only be removed by a dentist.

How does a crown work?

A crown is otherwise known as the cap that is used to cover a damaged tooth. Apart from giving protection to the damaged tooth, a Crown can be utilized to enhance a tooth’s appearance and shape. The crown is placed on the top of an implant so that it gives a tooth-like appearance for all the chewing activities.

Porcelain or ceramic crown are the usual ones that are matched to the natural color of our teeth. Of course, there are also other metals which include gold and other expensive materials. However, metal alloys are usually stronger than any other porcelain and are mostly recommended by the dentist to support back teeth.

The following are the possibilities for your dentist to recommend a crown:

  • Attach a bridge
  • Replace huge filling when there are not many teeth left
  • Cover dental implant
  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing
  • Cover a poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a tooth that was treated for root canal

How does a bridge work?

Dentists recommend a bridge when a person has one or more missing teeth. When people ignore getting a bridge fixed then the gaps left by the missing teeth will cause the rest of the teeth to either shift or rotate into those gaps and that will result in a bad bite. Not only just a bad bite, it also causes an imbalance which leads to gum issues and joint disorders. Most dentists recommend bridges to replace one or more missing teeth. First, the dentist will figure out the gap that is left between the teeth and then the bridges are cemented to the original teeth implants which surround the gap. Just like porcelain tooth, there are also porcelain or ceramic bridges that can and will be matched with the natural color of our teeth.

How long does a crown or bridge last?

Usually, crown and bridges last decades. However, depending on the type of food and chewing style, sometimes they fall out. Nevertheless, in order to make sure that the crown or bridge lasts forever is by practicing a good oral hygiene. That is why keeping our gums and teeth hygiene by brushing not more than 3 times (Recommended is 2 times) with a fluoride toothpaste is highly important. Also, make sure you see your dentist once in 6 months at least to ensure a healthy life for your teeth.


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