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  • Doctor: Dr. Pranali Zodpe

Daily brushing and flossing might not be enough to keep your oral health in good condition for a long period of time. In order to maintain oral hygiene and stay away from any severe dental ailments, you should get regular tooth cleaning and polishing done.

What is Tooth Cleaning and Polishing?

While teeth cleaning is done to scrape out the accumulated plaque and calculus deposits from your teeth, tooth polishing removes the stains from teeth and makes them bright and shiny. It is best to get this process done by your dentist at least twice a year to keep up with a good oral health and hygiene.

The Procedures Involved in Tooth Cleaning

Usually the tooth cleaning and teeth polishing treatment has three major steps. Here these are:


With small angled mirror and an Ultrasonic scaler your dentist scrapes out the plaque and tartar in between the tooth and the gum line.


After scraping out all the plaques, your dentist will polish your teeth to make them smooth and brighter. Using a device with soft rubber cup and an abrasive material- Prophylaxisn paste, your dentist removes all the stains from your teeth.

Fluoride Treatment

It is the last part of teeth cleaning and polishing. Fluoride is used to help your teeth fight against cavity. Your dentist will make use of a flavoured fluoride to do this.

Why You Should Do Tooth Cleaning and Polishing?

Your saliva contains calcium and other elements, which works as protection shield for your teeth. However, with time this may cause tartar build up on your teeth, providing an ultimate place for bacteria to thrive. Your dentist performs tooth cleaning and polishing to remove the tartars and plaques from your teeth and even below the gum line, thus allowing you to prevent any kind of dental or gum diseases. The main benefits of tooth cleaning and polishing are listed below:

  • It helps to prevent the serious gum diseases
  • Keeps your breath absolutely fresh and odour less
  • It helps to detect various dental problems at early stage
  • Removes stains caused by coffee or tobacco to brighten up your smile

Teeth cleaning cost is far less than other dental treatments and dentures. Just by spending a little amount of money you can not only maintain your oral hygiene but can also prevent serious gum and teeth diseases.