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  • Why do regular dental visits matter?

    Regular visits to the dentist are important because they can help identify dental health problems early, when treatment may be simpler and more affordable. They also help prevent the development of many problems from the start. It is also important to see the dentist regularly, because symptoms of certain diseases or medical conditions may appear in the mouth.

  • What are signs I should see a dentist?

    Here are some signs that it is time to go to the dentist! 1. Toothache or swelling Swollen 2. Sensitivity to hot and cold 3. Bleeding after brushing or flossing 4. You have persistently bad breath 5. You have fillings, dentures, dental implants etc 6. You have difficulty chewing or swallowing

  • When should my child see the dentist for the first time?

    The ideal time for your child to see the dentist is six months after the first (primary) tooth appears. This provides a perfect opportunity for your dentist to double-check your oral development for problems such as bottle cavities, teething irritation, and premature and prolonged thumb sucking.

  • If I have no symptoms, should I go to the dentist?

    Even if you do not have any symptoms, it is important to schedule regular dental check-ups to detect minor problems before they become major problems.

  • How often should I brush my teeth?

    According to your dentist and the American Dental Association, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. Brushing your teeth can remove plaque that causes bacteria, thereby keeping your teeth, gums, and oral cavity clean and healthy. It is also recommended that you use a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste when brushing your teeth. At least one minute for upper teeth and at least one minute for lower teeth. Remember to brush your tongue; it will help you keep your breath fresh!