Orthodontic focus in making teeth and jaws in appropriate position. When there is an imbalance due to crooked teeth and teeth, it becomes difficult to keep them completely clean. This leads to greater risk of losing teeth early as the decaying process gets faster. This is stressful for the chewing muscles and in many cases it leads to headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and so forth. Here, at Suprabhat Dental Care we provide quality Orthodontic Treatment to all our patients.

Quality Endodontic Treatment At Best Price

Endodontic Treatment is also known as root canal treatment. The treatment is for treating infected part of the tooth. When the tooth is damaged by bacteria, the patient requires to go through root canal to keep the remaining teeth safe. Such condition occurs after tooth decay, damage to the teeth due to trauma and leaky fillings.

When you feel a sudden and sharp pain while eating and drinking hot or cold food and drink, you should consult our expert for examination. Other symptoms are loose tooth and pain while biting and chewing. When the condition becomes serious, a patient may suffers from facial swelling, swelling near the gum of affected tooth, pus from affected tooth and number of other symptoms.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Pranali T. Zodpe is an experienced dentist and leads a team of expert dental professionals. We understand every requirement of our patients and give them personalize care. We ensure that a patients gets proper treatment and do not have to face trouble with the same tooth in future.

Our clinic is well equipped and we use advanced dental instruments to provide best in class treatment. You can rely on us for getting quality treatment at affordable cost. We proudly provide affordable dentistry to all our patients. So, when it comes to Root Canal Treatment, we are ready to help you with our deep knowledge and advanced medical techniques.

Other Dental Treatments

We provide all kind of dental treatment. If you have any concern regarding your teeth, you can approach us and we provide you valuable guidance. We help our patients to maintain healthy teeth throughout their life. If you are looking for tooth coloured fillings. If you have filled your teeth many years ago with silver/mercury then we can change it with stronger and fine looking tooth coloured fillings.

We also provide perfect malaligned teeth treatment. We help you to have a beautiful smile. A person who have malaligned teeth, often feel shy unconfident. This affects person’s personal and professional life. With a proper treatment, this condition can be cured and adorable and attractive smile is achievable.

If you are not happy with your smile and you want a complete smile makeover then also you can book an appointment and we will offer you the best suitable package for your requirement.

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