Regular brushing & flossing is not enough to maintain a healthy oral environment. In order to keep your smile bright and healthy always, you need to visit your dentist twice a year for regular dental checkups. And if your dentist suggests any dental treatment that should be done on time to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. However, most of you do not even think to visit dentists until any oral problem arises.

Why dental check up is important?

Regular dental checkups are the most useful way to ensure oral hygiene. Dental checkups are helpful in –

  • Assessing your complete dental condition
  • To know about any potential gum diseases and their preventive treatments
  • To get intensive cleaning of teeth that includes plaque removal, flossing and polishing
  • Knowing about the various signs and symptoms of gum disease
  • Suggestions and tips on brushing and flossing technique is given

What does dental check up camps offer?

Now days several corporate houses and schools organize dental check up camps, to aware people about oral diseases and their treatments. The dental check up camps are organized to educate the mass about the importance of oral hygiene and dental health.

  • The main objective of free dental check up camps in schools and corporate houses is to provide everyone with complete oral health assessment and spread awareness about dental hygiene.
  • The dental checkup camps allow everyone to have an individual interaction with the orthodontists to enquire about their dental conditions and concerning oral diseases.
  • The dental checkup camps for corporate not only informs you about concerning oral issues but also provides the basic treatments like scaling, polishing etc at affordable cost.
  • The dental checkup camps for schools, allow kids to get knowledge about common dental ailments and their preventive measures.
  • The dentists also tell students about recommended brushing habits and importance of regular dental checkups for healthy teeth.

Our corporate and school dental checkup camps not only allow you to know the condition of your dental health but it also provides basic treatments at affordable cost. The dental checkup camps are the most effective way to spread mass awareness about dental hygiene and oral diseases. If you are planning to organize a dental health check up camp in your office or society, you can get in touch with our expert dentist in Ahmedabad Gujarat.