Regular oral check up and dental X rays are very much important to keep your smile naturally beautiful and avoid any serious dental ailment. Besides regular brushing, visiting dentists twice a year for dental check up is very much important to stay away from any oral diseases. During this process, your dentist will evaluate the condition of your oral health and if he notices any concerning issue, he will let you know about it.

What Happens during Normal Oral Check Up?

Cleaning and polishing of teeth –Your dentist will start with thorough teeth cleaning. After scrapping off all the stiff accumulated plaque with special metal device, he will do flossing to remove the tiniest food particle. Using an abrasive material the dentist will now polish your teeth to remove the remaining stains and give it a glossy finish.

Examination – Using a metal equipment and angled mirror he will examine your mouth carefully to identify any problem with your gum and teeth like soreness, redness or cavity.

Dental X-ray: During regular dental checkups, your dentist does not take X rays. Considering your oral health, previous dental history and complaints of any kind of pain or soreness, he may ask you for X rays. As X ray is a vital diagnosis process to identify any serious oral ailments you may have.

Why X Ray Is Needed for Diagnosis?

Your dentists may take dental X rays of your tooth to find serious problems like cyst or any injury to jawbone, infection between the tooth, gum infections etc which are not possible to see during regular dental check up. It provides your dentist with detailed inside picture of the mouth including gum line, roots, and inside of your teeth.  And this helps your dentist to find ailments at an early stage and start treatment accordingly.

Types of X rays:

The most common type of X rays include Bitewing, Periapical, Occlusal, and panoramic radiographs.

Periapical: With this, your dentist can see the whole tooth and adjacent bones.

Bitewing: Enables your dentists to have close look at the crowns of teeth.

Occlusal: It is larger than most other X rays and highlights tooth development

Panaromic: It gives a broad or pan view of your mouth.

XRay is a painless and safe process. Dental check up & x rays play a pivotal role in keeping your oral health in good condition. Evaluating the condition of your mouth and identifying any potential gum or tooth problem, allows your dentist to start treatment before the situation gets worse.