The bacteria of your mouth along with mucus produce plaque that deposits on teeth. When plaque is not cleaned for long time, it gets hard and forms tartar. Poor oral hygiene and tartar build up is the main reason behind any kind of gum disease. The plaque forms bacteria that affect your gums, surrounding tissues and teeth. If your gums bleed while brushing teeth, it is high time that you should look for the best gum treatment.

Types Of Gum Diseases And Their Diagnosis

Gingivitis:  Deposition or build-up of tartar on your teeth and gum line may cause Gingivitis. Known as the early stage of gum disease it is just an inflammation of the gum tissue. Gingivitis causes soreness, pain, redness to your gums and it even bleeds sometimes.

Periodontitis: It is an advanced stage of Gingivitis where the bones and tissues holding the teeth are damaged. Eventually, pockets are formed below the gum line, allowing bacteria to grow inside it.

Treatments For Gum Diseases

Depending on the severity of the gum condition, your dentist will decide the exact treatments of bleeding gums and other gum diseases.

Gingivitis can easily be cured with proper oral hygiene and little assistance from your dentist. By cleaning and scaling your teeth, the dentist will remove all the tartars from your teeth and gum line. He may advise you to use medicated toothpaste and antimicrobial mouthwash to control plaque and tartar deposition on your teeth. You will be advised by your dentist to brush your teeth twice a day regularly to maintain oral hygiene.

Scaling And Root Planning

When it comes to periodontitis treatment, non-surgical methods like scaling and root planning might reverse the condition. Using an ultrasonic device your dentist will remove all the tartar build up from your tooth and gum line. Then the root surface will be smoothened to discourage further tartar build up and bacterial infection.

Flap Surgery or Pocket Reduction Procedure

If your gum tissue does not fit tightly or reattach around the tooth, even after scaling and root planning, your dentist may ask you to undergo pocket reduction surgery.

Gum Grafting

Excess gingival recession may cause exposed gum. This condition can be cured with gum graft operation. Your dentists will take tissue from your palate to cover the exposed root or gum.

Bone Grafting

If the surrounding bones of your teeth are completely damaged due to Periodontitis, your dentists will perform this operation.

Depending on the severity of your disease, the dentists will decide the right gum bleeding treatment. If he thinks your condition is not curable with non- surgical procedures, your dentists may ask for a surgery. Surgeries are not painful as these are done under local anaesthetic. To prevent gum diseases, besides, maintaining oral hygiene, go for regular dental check up & X rays.